According to the Buffalo News today, 5 local Hispanics United Of Buffalo employees were fired for comments on Facebook that may cause a Labor-Law precedent giving employees the right to talk about work on Facebook and even Twitter openly.

According to the Buffalo News, the employees filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board in an attempt to get their jobs back and it worked!!!!!!

Mariana Cole - Rivera

(According to the Buffalo News report, Mariana Cole-Rivera began the Facebook exchange...Here's the Facebook conversation that took place as reported and exposed in the Buffalo News):


“Lydia Cruz, a coworker, feels that we don’t help our clients enough at HUB,” she wrote on Facebook on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010 (according to the Buffalo News). “I about had it! My fellow coworkers how do u feel?”

(According to the Buffalo News) After seeing Cole-Rivera’s question, her colleague Damicela Rodriguez replied: “What the [expletive]. Try doing my job I have 5 programs.”

(the following Facebook Chat transpired according to the Buffalo News)....

.....Ludimar Rodriguez chimed in, saying: “What the Hell, we don’t have a life as is, What else can we do???”

To which Yaritza Campos wrote: “Tell her to come do mt [my] ...job n c if I don’t do enough, this is just dum.”

And after Carlos Ortiz de Jesus posted a sarcastic description of his work with Hispanics United’s clients, Cruz took to Facebook to make clear that she was not amused.

“Marianna stop with ur lies about me,” Cruz posted in the Facebook conversation, which was spelled out in National Labor Relations Board records, according to the Buffalo News.

Based on this story in the Buffalo News; Do you think an employee should be fired for expressing views or complaints about his / her workplace on their personal Facebook Page?


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