Governor Hochul has announced that $40 million will be available in food assistance for New York State residents. Residents in New York who struggle with hunger will have more resources available.

Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash
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Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced that more than $40 million has been awarded to 102 food service organizations. These orgnaizations, which are located around the state will receive funds through the New York Food for New York Families program. The money is not funded by New York State tax dollars, rather the grants are funded through a United States Department of Agriculture grant. The goal of the program is to boost to New York farmers, give communities better access to local foods, and strengthen the state's food system. Gov. Hochul said,

Every New Yorker deserves access to fresh, healthy, and delicious local food that helps them feel their best, which is why we’re taking solid steps to strengthen our state’s food supply system. The New York Food for New York Families program is part of that commitment, helping to get more New York products onto tables in communities that need them most. The funds awarded today will help local food organizations across the state expand their reach, feeding more families and offering greater support to our farmers – a win-win for our state.

For those naysayers, who believe people who struggle with hunger should help themselves or suffer (I've literally seen people say that in the comments), should know that the the program also helps New York farmers. The USDA’s Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program awarded the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to implement the New York Food for New York Families Program.

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