Wow!  What is this world coming to?  A 13-year-old and two other teens, both 16-years-old, have been hit with robbery charges.  They are also being charged for attempted robbery, according to WIVB. According to Buffalo Police, the attempted robbery happened near University at Buffalo’s South Campus, on Winspear Avenue.  The incident occurred around 4:30 pm.  According to WGRZ, the man who the teens attacked suffered from several injuries.

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Not long after their first attempted robbery, the teens successfully robber another man.  They physically attacked him, according to police, and stole his cell phone.  The teens were taken into custody in garages close to the location.  The phone was recovered.

It's really sad that these teens are robbing people.  Not only are they hurting the people they robbed, but they are also negatively affecting their futures.

Erie County Launches Restorative Justice Pilot Program for Youth

There is some good news for young offenders in Western New York. The Erie County District Attorney's Office just announced the launch of the first installment of its Restorative Justice Pilot Program, according to the Office of the District Attorney. The restorative justice program provides young people who commit crimes in Erie County,

"An alternative to a court disposition in criminal cases involving adolescent offenders. Restorative justice is an alternative approach to punishment in the criminal justice system that focuses on the needs of the victims, offenders and their community. It is intended to hold the offender accountable for their actions by focusing on repairing harm, rebuilding trust, restoring relationships and reducing recidivism."

The program will give them an opportunity to receive "alternative resolutions," rather than detention time, for low-level offenses. The program may be expanded to those youth who committee higher-level offenses in the future.

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