Meet DJ KVbaby, a 11-year-old DJ in Dunkirk, who is giving people something to smile about during dark times.

DJ KVbaby, who is 11-year-old, spends an hour each week helping people feel better during the pandemic, according to WKBW's Taylor Epps. Every Friday at 9 pm, K'vion Tell goes live as DJ KVbaby on Facebook to connect with people through music,

“I feel like music is just that—to make people smile, it’s music. I always thought that old school was better than new school, so I just play it a lot. My brother’s like ‘Can you play new school?’ and I really don’t want to.”


11-Year-Old DJ Uses Donations to Buy Pizza for Essential Workers

In addition to brining a little light to people's lives through the music, DJ KVbaby also gives tips out while he's DJing, which have generated plenty of donations. Initially, he used the money to buy a laptop, but people kept donating, so he and his family decided to give back. They took pizza to Brooks Memorial Hospital for the hospital employees to enjoy a well-deserved lunch.

Sheila Walier, the Director of Marketing at Brooks Memorial expressed gratitude for DJ KVbaby's good deeds,

"We're so incredibly touched that a young man of 11 years old would have it in his heart to think of the nurses and the doctors and everybody at the hospital."

All of these amazing things have happened because DJ KVbaby's mother Kizzy Tell encouraged him to go live,

“One day I was like, you should just go live and we did and we got so many views, so many shares. People fell in love with it.”

And even though he's 11, he's got a new job. DJ KVbaby is the official DJ for the Chautauqua Hurricanes and one day he hopes to be on television.

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