Whether you are in the mood for sushi, fried rice, crab Rangoon, miso soup, or another Asian dish, there is a restaurant on Elmwood that can serve up what you have a taste for. You can find Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines on one road in the city. There are a ton of spots up and down Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. Some are closer to downtown, some in Elmwood Village and some are in Kenmore. Recently, I've found myself order more Asian food than I normally eat. A week ago I had veggie fried rice with tofu and veggie pad Thai with tofu. I ordered that from Saigon Cafe on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. It was delicious. The tofu tasted like chicken and the portions were huge. It set me back about $28, but it was enough for about 4 servings. It was a bit pricey because I added tofu and mixed veggies, which was an extra $5.99 per dish. It was worth the money though.

Just yesterday (and for breakfast today), I had fried veggie rice from Taste of Asia on Elmwood. I ordered crab Rangoon and a large veggie fried rice.

By Yasmin Young
By Yasmin Young

I've included the Google star-rating and a link to each restaurant's menu. If you know of a restaurant that's really good that's not on the list below, tap that app and send me a message. Bone apple tea!

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