According to a WGRZ News story, Kathryn Gringer turned 100 years-old in October. of 2019 as is the proud matriarchal Grandmother to five Grandchildren and 7 Great Grandchildren.  Not only has Kathryn Gringer lived a strong 100 years, but she has also recently survived COVID-19.

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LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus in Buffalo, NY

This story is such a Blessing to see and hear. I and others who have lost their Moms can truly appreciate how extra special it is to still have a Mom and Grandma still here with us to physically love and cherish no matter their condition or age. It's been 3 days since I lost my Mom on May 7. Katherine Louise Golden (Anderson) was 98 years-old and thankfully went peacefully, with no pain, to see The Lord who she worshipped and Praised her entire life. With that said, Kathryn Gringer, you are a true Blessing to your family and the entire WNY Community. At 100 years of age with all you've endured, you are like a Mom to all of us ... Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Gringer from everyone reading this and from all of us at WBLK Radio. Much Love to you.

Today, May 10, 2020, I'm taking calls until 3 pm at 716-644-9393 if you have a Happy Mother's Day message you'd like to share for or with your Mom or with any Mom of your choosing. Call 716-644-9393 or you can share your Mother's Day wishes on the WBLK Facebook page relative to this post. Here's the link below.

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