The border is still closed between the United States and Canada, but there was certainly some action happening at The Peace Bridge.

Customs and Border Protection officers were able to seize a large amount of marijuana that someone was trying to bring across the border.

Officers selected a commercial shipment that was manifested as “empty plastic bottles” for additional examination. The truck was escorted to the dock and then searched by a canine which produced an alert on the cardboard boxes inside.  That led to a physical inspection of the trailer where officers found vacuum sealed bags.  The bags field-tested positive for the properties of marijuana and has an estimated street value of over $1.3 million dollars.

“Once again, as a result of the dedication and vigilance of CBP Officers assigned to the Port of Buffalo, illegal contraband was prevented from hitting the streets of our great Nation,” - Acting Buffalo Port Director Gaetano Cordone


The border remains closed for now through March 21.

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