I've heard of a lot of excuses to get off of work but I never have heard of some one taking it this far. Edgar Balderrama's sister took it there when she published a fake obituary of her brothers death. People actually came to this mans house to express their condolences. The sister was having family emergencies and she had to take a lot of time off of work and was on her way to getting fired. Here is how the obituary went:

Edgar Balderrama, 28, of Greeley, died on January 23rd, 2012. Edward was a real hard worker. He had a great sense of humor and would make everybody laugh.

When people were coming to his house to express their sorrow for his lost he did some investigation and found out it was actually his sister who wrote the obituary. That must've been very disheartening to think that his sister was the source of this prank. He has since disowned his sister and gotten rid of all her pictures in his wedding album. He says " She is now dead to me". This is a pretty messed up way of getting out of work. There are a million other excuses she could've used and then to go as far as printing out an obituary in the paper. What was she thinking ? Oh she wasn't that is why she is being added to the BIG DUMMY FILES. On the bright side at least she had nice things to say about him while he was "alive". If she still has a job her employers must enjoy being made a fool of.