Open up the door and welcome Carol Frances Omeara, to the Big Dummy Files. Omeara, 55, was arrested after a police dispatcher received a call from a woman later identified as Omeara. She said she could not get out of her vehicle, which was parked outside her residence.

When she was asked if she was having a medical or mechanical issue, she allegedly explained, "No, I'm just too damn drunk,".

She told the officer that she had driven home four hours earlier, after drinking a pint of vodka at the bar. She had a blood-alcohol level of 0.311 percent, almost four times over the legal limit. She was arrested for DUI.

Somebody find Carol a friend, man, or a pet. So next time she has some one else other than the police after making it home from a night of wild drunk driving. At least she made it home with out killing anyone or even worse her self. Welcome another alcoholic to the BIG DUMMY FILES.