Watch this white boy wow the crowd at University at Buffalo's Black Explosion Fashion Show with his impromptu performance of the Nae Nae / Dougie. 

On Saturday, March 1, Johnny Percy, a student at UB (and one of the only white people at the event), jumped on the stage during the fashion show intermission and killed that Nae Nae!!

The Nae Nae dance craze has invaded Buffalo! Just the other day, I had a request to play the Nae Nae song, and I admit, I had no idea what it was. So if this is your first time hearing about it, check out the music video from the dance crew WeAreToonz, who produced the song "Drop that #NaeNae":

The dance took off on Instagram and Vine, and now even the Disney characters are in on it!

This video breaks down the three basic steps to doing the Nae Nae and even gives a a list of tracks to do it to!

Show us how YOU #NaeNaeBuffalo! Tag @WBLK with a video of you doing the dance!