Since our Real Life Superhero, President Barack Obama, came out recently with his opinion regarding Same Sex Marriage... it's sparked a rash of controversy for some and a new found freedom of expression for others... including one "special" DC Comics Superhero!

Marvel Comics recently announced the upcoming wedding of Gay Superhero, "Northstar" (who officially came out in 1992) to his longtime partner Kyle in "Astonishing X-Men, Number 51" due to be released June 20TH, according to

Now, rival comic publication, DC Comics is "coming out" with the uncovering of a famed Superhero's revelation that he / she is Gay!  The big question, controversy and anticipation is ... Who will it be?

Take the WBLK poll (below) and tell us which DC Comics Superhero you think will "come out" and announce that he/she is Gay!