We know Buffalonians are proud, sports obsessed people who enjoy a nice craft beer on a Saturday, but what is the 'definition' of the word Buffalonian according to Urban Dictionary? Something HILARIOUS and quite offensive at the same time!

"Frequently obese, uneducated, and inebriated, a Buffalonian is one who was born and raised in the city of Buffalo, New York or the surrounding region," according to Urban Dictionary.

The definition adds that Buffalonians 'perpetuate' their "respective racial stereotypes, and all share a common hatred for one another".

Apparently, we also are known for a "belligerence" and an "undeserved sense of self-entitlement".

"Buffalonians also have extreme issues following traffic laws and paths."


The definition concludes to state that the residents of Buffalo, NY, are "disgusting, ignorant, classless, violent human beings".

Well, then...what do you think of that?