We had a great time Broadcasting Live @ Buffalo's Newest METRO PCS Store @ 77 Fillmore (Corner of Filmore & Broadway around the corner from The Broadway Market) with a chance to win Tickets to see Howard Hewett @ the Groove Lounge on Sunday Oct 11, FREE Pizza, FREE METRO PCS Sunglasses, FREE METRO PCS Cups, and best of all a FREE LG LEON or KYOCERA HYDR WAVE SMARTPHONE when you switch to METRO PCS!!!

If you didn't make it to the LIVE BROADCAST, you can visit ANY METRO PCS Store for your FREE SMARTPHONE when you switch to METRO PCS TODAY!!!!!  There are about 40 METRO PCS Stores in Buffalo with the Store @ 77 Filmore being the Newest Store to open in Buffalo.

I (Todd Anderson) have the METRO PCS Service and it is PHENOMENAL!!!!  UNLIMITED DATA, TALK & TEXT starting at ONLY $30 PER MONTH!!!!!