It’s time for a roundup of lonely singles desperately looking for companionship on the Buffalo, NY Craigslist page. Here’s the Top 5 Missed Connections of the month.

1. You Made Me Laugh

"My friends and I came in tonight for ice cream and were disappointed we couldn't get the discount we were hoping for. I was the one with the obnoxious laugh. You waited on us and I thought you were hilarious! We definitely share a sense of humor and I would love to hear more from you. Tell me the inappropriate joke you made before we left so I know it's really you. :)"

2. Kevin Smith Monday 7 PM, Picachu Dress and Amazing Smile

"We caught each others eyes a few times, but I was not prepared to walk over to your table to strike up a conversation. At the end of the show, Kevin challenged us to do one goofy thing this year. Posting this message to you is mine. If you think you might want to grab coffee and discuss the show, message me back! Respond with the colors of your hair as they were pretty unique and I'll know it's you :)"

3. NUT FLSH License Plate

"To the guy driving the truck with this plate in morning rush hour on Wednesday 5/27 you have no idea how close I came to smacking the ass end of your truck so you would have to get out and I could smack you in the head. PUT THE FRICKING PHONE DOWN while you drive, then you won't have to keep swerving into the median when the traffic in front of you stops or slows down!!"

4. Tim Hortons Sheridan and Delaware

"Hey. You were in drive thru window Friday night handed me my coffee and liked my sreering wheel. It was around 10pm. You are amazingly attractive. If you remember what you said to me please reply. Would like to get to know you better."

5. Smoking Joe's Should've Said Hi 

"On May 5th at Smoking Joe's on Saunders Settlement you were pumping gas into your mini green cooper and had a dog in your car. You were wearing a grey Buffalo Bills hooded sweatshirt, Jean capris, and flip flops. I pulled up behind you. I was driving a blue/grey GMC Sierra pickup with a vanity plate that said BAMA. Rollllll tide! Alabama! We both smiled and I should've said hi! If you come upon this, I hope I get another chance to meet you!"