We pay taxes for many things in the City of Buffalo...including the upkeep of Roadways... however after one of the worst winters we've had in years, when the "snow" clears we're left facing POTHOLE HEAVEN...and unless you're driving a Military Tank around the city...you're BOUND TO ENCOUNTER... A POTHOLE!!!!!!!!

You'd think there would be signage all over the place warning of dangerous potholes where, when encountered, will cause tire and rim damage that could be VERY COSTLY!!!! I contend that the State / City should have either a budget for compensating unsuspecting victims of POTHOLE DAMAGE or have a plan in place such that PROPER WARNING SIGNAGE is placed in areas where potholes exist until they are repaired.  However, neither is the case as there is a law in place which makes the State / City Immune for any responsibility regarding any POTHOLE DAMAGE to your car!

HOWEVER...there may be some hope!!!!  If you have encountered a Pothole BEYOND THE COLD WEATHER MONTHS... (May 1 - November 15) ...you CAN call and attempt to make a claim.  Cases are reviewed on a Case by Case basis by calling 716-847-3173