Buffalo and WNY has so much talent musically, it wouldn't be right if I didn't show love! This Queen City Come Up episode features rapper KB! Check out her interview and watch her spit! Also, peep her video for "Money Moolah!"

Credit: AKam Visual via Youtube


My name is Kenisha Barrow, but I go by the name "KB". Making music is something I've done since the age of 7 and I am aware of the talent I have to offer. Cockiness wouldn't necessarily describe me, but confidence would be a much better description. My Grandmother who I refer to as Mom due to her raising me until I was adopted at age 12 wanted me to focus on my education and less on music throughout High School and College. I am now a Senior in college Majoring in Communications and will Graduate in May, 2016. It's been a long time since I've been so excited, because now I can focus on my passion, which is music!! Nothing in this world makes me feel the way music can. I just need someone to reach out to Buffalo, NY to actually use and find my talent, so I can contribute to society and others can feel what I feel when I create music.



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