R. Kelly sung the song "I Look To You" at Whitney Houston's Funeral and now his performance of the song has been coupled with Whitney Houston's version of the song and made into a duet between Whitney & R.Kelly.

R. Kelly wrote the song "I Look To You" which became the Title Song for Whitney Houston's sixth and final studio album released in August of 2009, according to Wikipedia.com.  What you hear in the New Duet, released today,  is the actual recording of R. Kelly singing at Whitney's funeral put together with Whitney's version of the ballad to make the song a duet between Whitney & R. Kelly.

You can read the extensive information surrounding the song, "I Look To You", at Wikipedia.com

Here are the 3 video versions of the song: Whitney Houston's version, R. Kelly singing at Whitney's funeral, and the duet between Whitney Houston & R. Kelly.  Enjoy!

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