Not only have the Buffalo Bills drafted the guy who many football critics say is the #1 quarterback among the lot of QBs in this year's draft...this guy is 6'5" tall, strong, fast, African-American, Bruce Smith's godson, and a REAL QUARTERBACK...ALL NEW ATTRIBUTES FOR THE BUFFALO BILLS!!!!


I'm a Cincinnati Bengals fan...but I have suddenly NOW become a Bills fan...which has NEVER been the case prior to now, other than when O.J. was running over and around people...he was one of my favorite NFL players.

My new attitude towards the Bills is not based on the fact that E.J. Manuel is BLACK...rather it's because HE'S A REAL QUARTERBACK!!!! That's EXCITING!!!!!  The Bills have not seen a quarterback since Jim Kelly...and he wasn't a REAL QUARTERBACK (my opinion).

Jim Kelly was a GREAT, GREAT QUARTERBACK, but his greatness wasn't natural from an "ELITE QUARTERBACK" standpoint. Jim Kelly was a HARD WORKER who got the job done. His primary talent was toughness more so than it was the "typical talents" attributed to a real the ability to THROW, SCRAMBLE and have great FINESSE!


Buffalo WILL NOW BE A CONTENDER in the NFL simply because they now have a LEADER (which the quarterback position automatically has attached to its name)...a LEADER who the entire offense can respect as a REAL the offensive line would give their first born to PROTECT. MARK MY WORD...Get ready for "THE NEW BUFFALO BILLS"!!!!!

I'm gonna predict they go 11-5!!!  Here's the Bills 2013 season schedule: