Last night was definitely in my opinion one of the better rap shows I’ve been to thus far. Depending on what you like, I’m sure you’ll have a favorite, but between all the acts, the concert offered something for everyone…Not to mention Buffalo is a sick crowd!!!!! What artist wouldn’t love this city?! I stepped back for a minute and watched the audience and thought ‘could you imagine if all this was for you?’ Insane….they were lovin’ every minute and the energy was up the entire show.

When it came to the actual concert, for starters, I love Lil Wayne’s rock edge. The sick guitar players add to the live performance aspect, and it’s no longer just a rapper, a DJ, and a hype man, which I think is great. As far as Nicki’s performance, I expected nothing less with the crazy costumes and props and she definitely delivered. The two performers offer totally different vibes that I think mesh perfectly together. In my opinion, with Wayne it’s a more relatable performance; there are no other real distractions, and Wayne was all about connecting to the audience. Nicki has a more affluent entertainment vibe, with her it’s not just about the music it’s all about the overall performance. Either way, they both killed it.

Secondly, I thought it was great all the recognition they gave to their team…not the Young Money team, but the team that really makes the show what it is;  the guitarists, the dancers, and the backup singers. I thought it was great how everyone involved got their solo moment; I mean imagine what it means to them to have their moment in front of that crowd.

Lastly, there were the special guest performers. I knew Wayne and Nicki wouldn’t have a show without some of the Young Money team, and being that I love me some Cory Gunz, I was more than pumped to see him walk out. On the other hand, Birdman at the end there…didn’t see that coming, but I was definitely not mad about it! Not to mention, as an opener and coming out towards the end with Wayne, Shanell rocked the stage, and did her thing with ‘Prom Queen.’ (P.S.) Bigggggg shout out to J-Millz and the Buffalo Bills hat!  Gotta love the support!

Talk to us Buffalo! Let us know what you thought about the show, and who would you like to see come here next?! I don’t know about you, but I think this town needs some Drake next!