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Nardwuar Vs. Big Sean on Music History [VIDEO]
Remember when Big Sean accused Ludacris of biting his style – a style that neither one of them made up? Initially, I thought the then 23-year-old Detroit rapper was just ill-informed on that particular area of rap history, but after watching his interview with Nardwuar, it’s ap…
Man Infects 1000 Women With HIV [The Big Dummy Files}
David Smith infected at least 1,000 women with HIV his reasoning for doing this is BECAUSE HE LOVED THEM. Last week he walked into a police station and admitted to having unprotected sex with over 1000 women. He admitted his plan was to have sex with the women give them HIV and kill them...
Man Calls 911 Over Broken i-Phone
So, what do you do when you have a problem with your phone? The only logical thing to do is call 911 about your cellular emergency, right? That’s what an Illinois man did!
When Things Go Wrong !!!! lol
DJ Bandana Black - HeadPhonesSo today at work (93.7fm WBLK) everything started out like a regular work day, Feeling good, energetic & blasting off great music for the listeners. So right before i go to talk on air My Boss walks in (perfect timing lol) seeing as though i only see him on weekd…

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