Storm May Push Tax Filing Deadline Back in New York State
It's mid March and the heat is on to get taxes filed before the mid-April deadline. Some are holding out for the last minute. Yet some are trying to stay on top of their taxes and get things done on time. However, the latest round of winter weather has put some small businesses behind in their …
MLK Day Weather & Activities!
Today is the day we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday and here is your weather outlook for today as well as a listing of schedule events to celebrate MLK Day!
Here Comes The Snow! [News / Weather]
There's snow expected this week and colder temps coming our way.
The first of the white stuff should be seen overnight tonight (Sunday Night).  After the initial snow , which will turn to a rain / snow mix during the day on Monday (12-5), things will settle down until more snow arrives on T…

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