Bullying Extremes and Social Media’s Part
We all remember those days in preschool where the biggest toddler would snatch away the toy you were playing with and exclaim “Mine!”. Some of us would cry, some of us would begin a tug of war and others would just take the loss and find another toy to enjoy. For most tho…
Beyonce’s Pregnancy Shatters Twitter Record
You know you’re a star when your pregnancy breaks records. Reports state that after Beyoncé debuted her baby bump at the 2011 VMAs on Sunday night, 8,868 tweets were sent. Per second. That’s a record for most tweets posted per second.
Sean Kingston Feeling Better After Crash
A little more than a month after being severly injured in a jet ski accident singer Sean Kingston says he’s beginning to recover and feel like his old self.
Kingston tweeted to his fans: “Feeling a lot better! God is Great! Thanks for all the prayers and support...
Bow Wow is a Baby Daddy!
Well another rapper doesn’t wrap it up! 
Bow Wow's former girlfriend video vixen “Ms Joie”  Joie Chavis gave birth to a little girl, Shai Moss. Apparently she took to Twitter sharing the good news when she first found out she was pregnant...
Don’t Make Rihanna Mad, You Wouldn’t Like Her
If parents groups and others expect an apology from Rihanna over her recent music video 'Man Down', then think again. Huffington Post, reported that the pop diva went on her Twitter account  defending her controversial video -- in the 'Man Down' video she is s…

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