Tweetin’ W/ Trump January 18, 2017
As you read through the Trump Tweets; which tweet do you think is the Most Presidential and which is the Least Presidential?  President Elect Trump prides himself on using Social Media to remain transparent, but do you think there are tweets which are indeed inappropriate...
Tweetin’ w/ Trump: Monday January 9, 2017
11 Days until President Elect Trump takes over as President of the United States!  Will he continue his tweeting trends once he's "In Office" ?  Well one thing is certain, "The Donald" is not quitting anytime soon!
Here are Trump's Latest T…
Tweetin’ w/ Trump January 4, 2017
Another day of Trump Tweets!  I have to admit that it feels strange posting tweets from THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.!  I feel like I'm in a movie or something regarding actually having a President who Governs using Twitter... that is somewhat of a truthful reality as President Elect…
Sebastien Brushes Off Haters of his NBA Performance [VIDEO]
Twitter has become a breeding ground for racist people to attack cute kids who violate threaten their idea of America. First it was the beautiful mixed girl in the Cheerios girl, now folks are hating on the Mex-American boy who sang the National Anthem in San Antonio.
Wiz Khalifa + Amber Rose Welcome Baby “Bash” [PICTURES]
Amber Rose FINALLY gave birth!!! All the baby details inside.
Hip Hops cutest couple became parents today after what feels like a year long pregnancy. And I have to admit Amber was glowing the whole time!
We are so happy for Wiz and Amber on the safe arrival of Baby Sebastian aka "The Bash&am…