T-Boogie Retires His Headphones
T-Boogie has been having head phone issues for the longest time only one side of his headphones have been working for the past couple of months. The Go Getta Adri V hooked him up for Christmas with a new set of headphones...
Ron Paul – Our Best Choice For President? [VIDEO]
As the mind controlled population gears up for one of the most important elections in history, the mainstream media continues to shadow the fact that Congressman Ron Paul (Republican – Texas), in my opinion is the best candidate for President of the united states of America.
Our New Village [AUDIO]
First off, I would like to thank everyone that showed support for the Know Thyself Community Wednesday topic – entitled How Do We Return To The Practice Of The African Proverb: “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”?
There were a lot of great comments...
World Population Surpasses 7 Billion
Sometime today (October 31) on this Halloween, the world population will reach 7 billion people.
So, what exactly does that mean for us?
As the population continues to grow; the amount of fresh water, food, and other natural resources will dwindle...