With the topic of today's Know Thy Self Community Wednesday being ‘Is The Mass Media and Entertainment Solely To Blame For Negative Behavior – WHERE’S THE PARENTS’, I decided to chime in with my two cents:

As I sit back and watch my peers live their life along with the younger generation, I see people who have been disconnected from their roots.

God has blessed me to work the past seven years for the best radio station in Buffalo – WBLK.

Fresh out of High-School, I found and still find a lot youngsters looking up to me, due to the impression that surrounds the radio and entertainment industry. Playing Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, and Waka Flocka Flame, in the eyes of a kid who has been hypnotized by the media world, I’m just a hop, skip and jump away from their favorite artist.

With our nation just barely avoiding the first ever default, I think about how many people actually know what it means to default with regards to a credit matter. On top of that, how many of our young people know how serious and important credit is, considering everybody is always on a paper chase.

We must ask “Where are the parents”? However, we can not fault people that only had someone to raise them and never had a “parent” – the kids that never had a father in their life to instill the morals and goals that a growing man must have to succeed in today’s world.

We can not solely blame the entertainment industry for the behavior of today’s youth. We as people need to own up to our neighborhoods and take control, because if we don't it shall remain out of control.

Therefore, it’s up to us as men and women, people who have experience in life and know right from wrong, to help our future generations acquire the knowledge that has been intentionally withheld from them for the purpose of corporate gains.

Know Thy Self.