Meet The “NEW 007″… JAMES BOND????
Rush Limbaugh says NO WAY... James Bond has always been a White Scottish Guy.... but Sony Pictures is suggesting a change... a BLACK 007!!!!!
And Guess Who???? (What are your thoughts...WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW)>>>>
Kevin Hart Fires Back At Sony Rep After Leaked Email
We all Know the trouble Sony's been facing after their emails and some movies have been leaked recently. See what a Sony Exec. said about Kevin Hart in a email and read what Kevin said on Instagram about the situation.
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Sony’s New Personal Gaming Device [VIDEO]
Sony has introduced a new personal gaming device aimed at competing the the Nintendo DS that is hugely popular with young gamers these days.
The new device, named "NGP" for Next Generation Portable consist of a 5" LED touchscreen, and another touch pad on the back of the de…