Police Brutality

Ferguson Grand Jury Was Misled About Deadly Force Law [VIDEO]
The Grand Jury who made the #FergusonDecision that has the world protesting, was misled about the law that may or may not give Darren Wilson the right to shot Mike Brown dead in the street. The prosecutor's office handed the jury an outdated law that was the key to setting the officer free of a…
Cop Knocks Out Brooklyn Teen Over A Cigarette (Explicit Video Content )
I don't want this taken the wrong way this is in no shape or form cop bashing. I for one would hate to live in a world without some type of police agency - without the police the world may be similar to the movie purge.
With that being sad the blatant abuse of power by some officers of the law d…
Police Shot Man “On Sight” Inside Ohio Wal-Mart
Four days before Mike Brown was shot by Ferguson Police in Missouri for walking in the street, another black man was gunned down by Ohio Police inside a Wal-Mart for Shopping! New evidence proves that this man was shot on sight without warrant!!

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