Italian Festival Shut Down Due to ‘UNRULY BEHAVIOR’ [VIDEO]
The Italian Festival was 'Shut Down' Saturday Evening at around 9:30 for 'UNRULY BEHAVIOR'. However, the Italian Festival Re-Opens today. I'm not sure WHY the Festival was 'SHUT DOWN', but this video may give us some clues.
Here's An UPDATED News Report:
Here's a …
Employ Me Monday Buffalo Job Listings
It's another 'Employ Me Monday' with a diverse selection of jobs available locally with the following companies HIRING!

Safire Care
J.B. Hunt
Ahrens Financial Group
Dinosaur BBQ
Bank of Amercia

Top 5 Places to Raise Kids in Western New York
Where you choose to raise your child matters. It may seem like an obvious statement, but you might not know how significant an impact the decision of where a child is raised will have during adulthood, particularly on income.
Harvard economists looked at 20 years of data and determined where kid…
There was a ton of feedback yesterday regarding the incident involving the Student who beat her Teacher resulting in the Teacher having to go to the hospital with a concussion. Many people thought that SUSPENSION was to lenient a penalty or discipline for the female elementary student as they felt h…

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