Jermaine Dupri

10 Rappers With Major Money Problems Over the Years
Don't fret about what you owe on your taxes or the money you still have to pay Uncle Sam for those school loans because these artists have had it way worse. Just know that you're not alone. Check out 10 Rappers With Major Money Problems Over the Years.
Does Usher’s ‘Confessions’ Stand The Test Of Time?
For every decade, there’s an album released by a marquee R&B artist that speaks for the generation. In the 1980’s it was Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller.' In the '90s, it was MJ’s little sister Janet Jackson’s overt album, 'Janet.' For the new millennial generation of today, it’s clearly Beyonce’s s…
Da Brat & JD Drop Mixtape On Memorial Day (VIDEO)
Sources report that So So Def’s Jermaine Dupri, and rapper Da Brat, are about to drop a new mixtape. After recently being released from prison, Da Brat is been back in the studio working with Dupri. On a recently video blog that they posted, announcing the project will drop "…
Jermaine Dupri: Sued For Back Child Support
It’s being reported that record executive and producer Jermaine Dupri is getting hit up for back child support payments by his Atlanta baby mama who successfully sued him for paternity and was promptly left in the dust afterwards. She filed a secondary suit a few months ago for back …

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