Good times

Penny (Janet) & Michael Sing!
The WBLK "Old Soul Dance Party" host, Ralph Carter (better known as "Michael")  had a moment of singing stardom on stage with Miss Janet Janet Jackson in this "rare" Good Times" episode video below.
Michael (Ralph Carter) will host t…
Remembering the ‘Good Times’ with Ralph Carter
Little Michael Evans -- nicknamed the “militant midget” by his character’s father for his passionate activism -- from the hit TV show 'Good Times' is coming to town! Check out my exclusive interview with this Award Winning Actor inside
“WBLK Flashback TV” POLL:
Remember all the Good Times on television?  Television today is nothing like it was "Back InThe Day"... It's In COLOR!!!!! Only kidding! There is a difference however!  Today's "Reality TV Shows" and Sitcoms are a far cry from "Good Times", "Sanford & Son"…