Last night its was Mayweather over Guerrero...Last week Muhammed Ali battled Bruce Lee and LOST...the week before Billie Dee Williams defeated Idris Elba... and the week before that Richard Pryor demolished Bernie Mac!!!!

This week on "The Sunday Classics Battle Of The Stars", we have two FAMILIES going Head -to- Head!!!!!  The Evans Family takes on The Cosby Family as "GOOD TIMES" gets in the "Sunday Classics Battle Of The Stars" ring against "THE COSBY SHOW"!!!!!!!

Watch the videos attached and make your decision...then call "THE SUNDAY CLASSICS" Radio Program between 10AM & 2PM ( Sunday, May 5) on The People's Station 93.7 FM @ 716-644-9393 to vote. After you VOTE,  go to the WBLK Facebook Page and leave your comment!!!  Thank You!



These BILL COSBY videos are unrelated to the "Battle"..... they're just Hilarious footage of Bill Cosby's recent appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show!!!!

Early Cosby Show