Gabrielle Giffords

Nine-Year-Old Boy Sells His Toys to Support Giffords
If you haven't had a good cry yet today, then check out this adorable boy who (wait for it) went behind his parents back and sold his toys to support Arizona Congresswoman Giffords and her family. His donation? A generous $2.85.
Remember John Lewis’ Warning About Violent Talk?
Three years ago during the presidential campaign, Rep John Lewis warned against escalated rhetoric. He identified John McCain and Sarah Palin as “sowing the seeds of hatred and division." If you remember John Lewis was the recipient of political violence; he was horribly beaten during…
Should Sarah Palin Feel Responsible
The comments on Sarah Palin's Twitter and Facebook accounts shows her lack of common sense and leadership.  Please vote and make your comments.
Here is what Sarah Palin said on the Facebook page where she depicted Gabrielle Giffords in the cross hairs of a rifle scope: "Don't …
Arizona Congresswoman Shot
BREAKING NEWS - Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot this morning at an event outside a grocery store. There are conflicting reports as to her condition.