“Facebook Beef” Turns Brutal (VIDEO)
On Sunday afternoon an Ohio teen met up with a guy he was having beef on Facebook to settle the dispute "man-to-man". After a quick blow to the head, 17 year old Mustafa McHorter was knocked  unconscious yet the boys kept kicking him while he was down; entertain…
Facebook & Cell Phones In Prison? [VIDEO]
As we all know, prisoners can pretty much get anything they want while behind bars, including cell phones and Facebook Friends!
Smart as they are, inmates have found a way to tap into the pay phone technology and use smuggled mobile phones to run criminal enterprises, intimidate witnesses, organize …
Eminem + Rihanna Are Tops in Facebook ‘Likes’
Not only are Eminem and Rihanna chart-topping artists, together the dynamic duo have the most “Likes” on their Facebook fan pages. The Huffington Post culled through various Facebook pages of pop culture icons and have compiled a Top 15 list of the people who are ext…
Facebook Rats Out Man With Two Wives
Sadly, he did not live in St. Ives, but Alan O’Neill did, in fact, have two wives. The really sad thing, though, is that it wasn’t because he was cheating. He had two wives because he was lazy and passive aggressive.
Ratchet Behavior on Facebook [THE BIG DUMMY FILES]
The latest inductee into THE BIG DUMMY FILES is everyone participating in this Buffalo ratchet list on FACEBOOK. "Exposing" who smashed the homies, and who isn't working with much. When I first saw this on my timeline I had to laugh.
Facebook Enforcing Timeline For Millions
If you've been resisting the switch over to Facebook's Timeline your days are numbered. Facebook has announced that it is making the Timeline mandatory for all of its 800 million plus customers.
Facebook Kid Killed Despite Uncle’s Intervention
This one of of the most popular videos of early 2011, a kid that was on facebook posting about being a gang member. When his uncle got wind of it, he was publicly humiliated in a video posted to facebook. The kid was show and killed out side of his New Orleans home according to gossiponthis...
Bullying Extremes and Social Media’s Part
We all remember those days in preschool where the biggest toddler would snatch away the toy you were playing with and exclaim “Mine!”. Some of us would cry, some of us would begin a tug of war and others would just take the loss and find another toy to enjoy. For most tho…

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