It feels like when you are being taken advantage of by someone you love. It's Buffalo versus the Bills right now.

The Erie County Executive issued a statement about the extremely high PSLs the Bills want fans to pay.

There has been so much drama with the new Buffalo Bills stadium and the Personal Seat License that each season ticket holder will HAVE to buy (only time purchase of PSL) in order to buy their seasons going forward at 2 Bills Drive. There has been so many stories revolving around the PSLs lately because last week the Buffalo Bills opened up their new interactive season ticket 'experience' over in Williamsville and some people learned how much their PSLs.

Take a look at one example that someone posted on Facebook below.

I feel like it is important to note that NOT ALL of the PSLs are going to be this expensive. But, it does feel like the Bills are trying to take advantage of us?

Why are the Bills charging PSLs?

To create revenue in order to make up part of the Bills portion that is owed to build the new Bills Stadium. State money contributed to the rest of the money.

What if I buy the PSL now, but don't end up buying season tickets in 2026?

Then you lose your PSL.

According to WGRZ:

The County Executive expressed his disappointment to the Bills and Legends representatives last week during a tour of the new Stadium Experience, regarding their failure to publicly release the PSL prices. For the record, the county has not been provided any prices/costs regarding the PSLs because we are not a party to the PSL agreement, as the county is out of the football business once the new stadium opens up. We are discussing the matter with the state at this time."

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