Man With Simple Life Changing Message [Motivational Min] [VIDEO]
How many times have you hoped and waited for someone to recognize you at work, school or even at home? Most of us look to others for validation of us doing a good job, or being a good mother, friend etc. But this stranger holding a sign on the street is offering a message that might just save your l…
Eminem Brings Back Old School Sound on ‘Berzerk’
A commercial during the MTV Video Music Awards featured a sample of Eminem's new single. The clip offered a listen of a throwback, rock-rap sound, and last night (Aug. 26) fans got the track in full. 'Berzerk,' the rapper's first single off his upcoming 'Marshall Mathers LP …
Big Sean Talks Love + Hip-Hop [VIDEO]
My hometown hero Big Sean was always a private person, despite telling everyone that he would one day be famous! But now he is opening up about his love life, family and his music.
Gay Marriage & Weed Legal By Popular Vote! [VIDEO]
The Power of the People not only re-elected President Barack Obama, our voices were heard on two key moral issues in this Country: Smoking Pot for Fun and Same Sex Marriage. Find out which States voted YES to these proposals and more, after the jump.
Jazzy T 8 Miles W/ Eminem [Video]
Let me take you on a journey through some of my favorite Eminem moments and take a deeper look into his life as we celebrate his 40th birthday today (Oct 17th)!

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