Car Crash

Buffalo Is a World Leader in Drivers Crashing into WHAT?
Home of the best chicken wings, a major draw for concerts, a leader in economic development and now Buffalo is known as a world leader in drivers crashing into buildings!
It started with WIVB TV compiling a list of 26 crash sites in Western New York, and then with Cynthia Van Ness continuing to track…
Rest In Paradise: Natina Reed (Blaque) Dead at 32
Wow, how ironic is this. The artist who was not only discovered by the late Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez, but who was also a protege and slight resemblance of her, unfortunately met the same fate early this morning in Atlanta, Ga.
Two Cars Fighting Over Gas Pump Causes Explosion [VIDEO]
Today's lesson class is a lesson of patience. In this video two SUVS are waiting to pump gas at the pump, one person (Grey SUV) gets in front of the other (Yellow Hummer) and causes an EPIC FAIL (Explosion). You can see the two women run out of the car for their lives, after the explosion...