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Throwback At Noon Bonus Hour [VIDEO]
Today is “Bonus Beats Thursday” which means we play some of your favorite artists back to back all day long. It is also the day that I give you a bonus hour of the Throwback At Noon. Got a request that you would like to add to the mix? Leave it here or call 6-4-4-93-93 an…
Throwback At Noon-Bonus Hour Request? [VIDEO]
Every Thursday on the People’s Station 93.7 WBLK is “Bonus Beats Thursday”, where we play two songs by your favorite artists twice an hour every hour. You know like:
Cheryl Lynn's "Got To Be Real"
And "Encore" by Cheryl Lynn
Well a few months back, I had a few listeners call and as…
Bonus Beats Thursday: Usher [VIDEO]
Every Thursday " The People Station" 93.7 WBLK/ rolls out 2 songs back to back from your favorite artists.  Today I'm in the mood for 2 from Usher Raymond.  In celebrity news,Usher has a new line of lingerie coming out, and oh by the way, rumor has that Usher will approach Prince …