Black Women

Gay Black Women Outraged!
Florida's Lt. Gov, Jennifer Carroll is in some "HOT WATER"...  Mrs. Carroll was recently reported to have been found in her office ina compromising position with another woman by her former Administrative Aide, Carletha Cole.
Are Buff Girls Too Rough?
On this Open Mic Know Thyself Community Wednesday, a mother of a black boy in Buffalo worries that her son will end up with a white women because he is "scared of black girls." The young boy says that he "loves the way black girls look, but they are just mean!" Jo…
Get In The Mix, The Go Getta Mix!
Get Ready to Get into the Mix, The Go Getta Mix!
For my party goers, college students, overnight workers and general late night owls Get ready to Plug Into The City and Get into the mix, The Go Getta Mix Every Friday!
Understanding the importance of music and a DJ, I look to spice up the and inco…