[VIDEO] EA Sports Brings the WNBA to the Video Game World
Picture credit: ESPN
Electronic Arts (EA) announced Thursday that it will be including all 12 WNBA teams and its players in the forth coming “NBA LIVE 18”.  Polygon reports that the game will be released this fall for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One...
Buffalo Will Host NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2017
It'll be the sixth time Buffalo will host the rounds of 64 and 32.
Buffalo, NY, will host the beginning of March Madness in 2017 at First Niagara Center. Patrick Kaler of Visit Buffalo Niagara said:
It's so much deeper than passing out brochures and having information tables at the hote…
Gus Macker Tournament Gets New Location
After moving from downtown Buffalo to Darien Lake and months of deliberating where the annual basketball games would be held, Grand Island will officially be hosting the 2015 Gus Macker Tournament.
Paul Pierce Disses Drake [VIRAL VIDEO]
When you see an NBA Game these days, you're not sure if it's a Basketball Game, A Star Studded Concert, or a Blockbuster Movie ... there are Celebrities EVERYWHERE!!!
One Celebrity didn't get his due respect when Paul Pierce pushed him as if to say...
Chris Brown Gets Dunked On! [VIDEO]
Chris Brown is a multi-talented artist, but playing defense in basketball is not one of his greatest achievements! The singer/rapper/actor yells out "DEFENSE" right before this happens ... watch inside.
Chris Brown's album "X" is set to be released Sept 16th..…

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