Barack Obama

Racism is one thing...but this is even hard for me as an African - American in 2013 (might as well be) to believe.  The story below speaks for itself...I'm speechless!
Donald Gets Trumped!!
In case you haven't heard, Donald Trump is NOT #TeamObama. The billionaire is becoming known as a hater so his kids are stepping in and pulling the ultimate trump card!
What Do You Think of Young Jeezy’s Ode to Obama?
Before major news outlets confirmed President Obama was indeed re-elected, Young Jeezy dropped a tribute to “every ghetto in the world” titled, “We Done It Again.”Unfortunately, grammar and substance were not of importance.
Donald Trump Post Election Tweets [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
Tuesday night shortly before midnight, Barack Obama won the presidential bid for another four years and will remain in the White House. Obama won the electoral vote and the popular vote by a narrow margin. Obama won 303 of the electoral vote, and Mitt Romney won 206 of the electoral vote...
The Best ‘Obama Calling’ GIFs and Memes
Somebody decided to post this picture of the president on Reddit, titling it 'My new favorite picture of President Obama.' People went crazy over it pretty much immediately, because Obama's exhausted attempt at smiling is pretty goofy looking. So many great memes came out of this it w…

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