Aretha Franklin

Celebrating Women
March is Women’s History Month. As far back as ancient times, the woman was revered as the most important person in society do to the fact that she had the ability to bring life into physical existence.
“The Queen” Cuts the Swine From Her Plate
Aretha Franklin has decided to live healthier and watch what she's eating these days.
This past Sunday, Aretha Franklin turned up on the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards – her first television appearance since undergoing surgery for an undisclosed ailment in December.
The “Queen of Soul” Honored at the Grammy’s
This Sunday night at the Grammy's  the spotlight will be shining bright on "The Queen"  This is something that Aretha Franklin has been waiting for her whole musical career.
Some of the most powerful female singers of today's music scene will gather together…
Will Halle Berry Play Aretha Franklin?
Although Halle has denied it many sources are saying that she will in fact play the Queen of soul in an upcoming bio-epic.
*Oscar winner Halle Berry has reportedly been confirmed to star as Aretha Franklin in a biopic about the singer’s life...
Aretha Franklin Expected To Leave Hospital This Weekend
As the world clamors for details about her health, Aretha Franklin's cousin is talking to a Michigan newspaper.  Brenda Corbett tells "The Detroit Free Press" that she expects her cousin, music's "Queen of Soul," to be released from the hospital thi…
Is Aretha Franklin Ailing?
The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin was released from a Detroit hospital the other day. But no one knew that she was ill or admitted to the hospital; at least the general public did not know. Aretha Franklin is 68 years of age and I hope that she is doing well...