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Featured Friday! Jocelyn Bowman New Single “You Got Me”
Every Friday on The Go Getta Mix we will feature an artist that is truly gifted talented and working hard to turn their dreams into a reality, A Go Getta! If you missed this weeks featured artist check her out right here, Ms. Jocelyn Bowman  with her new single “You Got Me”
Check Out The Go Getta Mix Featured DJ For The Month Of March!
Hey Go Getta’s every month I have the great opportunity to feature a new DJ on The Go Getta Mix every Friday from 10PM-2AM on The People Station 93.7 WBLK. Check out the month of March DJ Heavyness!
Heavyness (adj.) Def: “A deep stream of consciousness causing a person to lose t…
Team Shannon Smith! [Let’s Be a Blessing]
In 2010, Shannon Smith was a healthy, ambitious and energetic 28-year-old, working as a pharmacy technician and expecting her second child. On December 5, 2010, complications from pneumonia and sepsis caused the death of her unborn son, and put her in a coma...

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