Remembering 911
As we remember those who lost their Lives on 911, here are some very graphic video accounts of what transpired that day...including video claiming to support 911 as being a CONSPIRACY!
You're a Health Care Professional at Nursing Home and a resident is having a Heart Attack right in front of you...the Facility your work for has a Policy stating that you cannot help the resident by administering CPR....but the resident is CLEARLY GOING TO DIE...
Mufasa Checks In On The TJMS
Dionne Randolph has been bringing the crutial character Mufasa to life for 8 years in the stage version of "The Lion King." He called in this morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and gave some insight on his career!
Family Gets Lost In Corn Maze, Calls 911
After entering a corn maze in Danvers, Mass. a family became lost and unable to find their way out. With two small children in tow the father decided to call 911 and ask for assistance.
National 9/11 Flag Touring the United States
After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, one of the largest American flags damaged during the attacks continued to fly above the resulting wreckage during the clean-up efforts.
Seven years later, that flag, dubbed the National 9/11 Flag, was sewn back together by tornado surviv…

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