I think Arizona is racking up the most 'Big Dummies' In America. Just the other day they were fighting at a funeral. The latest entry into the big dummy files is a news anchor from Tuscon, Arizona named Martha Vasquez. She was caught shoplifting an outfit from a department store. (which she was probably going to wear on the news.)

According to KUTP, a store loss-prevention officer saw Vazquez try on a hooded jacket worth $338, check herself in the mirror, and then conceal the jacket, said Sgt. Matt Ronstadt, a Tucson police spokesman. Why would anyone do something that is going to mess up the money? I'm sure she writes off the outfits on her tax return anyway. If you're a news person you have to dress and act a certain way in public. She should've known her days of being a cleptomaniac were going to come to an end so why would she risk getting caught stealing?

She could've done a million other things if she was short on money LIKE PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO STEAL the stuff for her. In order for her to save face she went to work and quit on Monday.  It was already to late, she ruined a 28 year career to steal a $338 jacket.  For that reason welcome Martha to the Big Dummy Files.