Maybe T.I. finally did learn his lesson in prison this time. He had a few choice words for some one starting trouble at his welcome home party, Diddy. Yes take that take that Diddy yes 42 year old Diddy.

The incident all started at the party that Diddy was hosting when he spotted someone drinking "Grey Goose" he shouted

"Put that s--- down. It’s Ciroc boys in the building," After that he shouts, "What you gonna do? This is my house."

The Grey Goose drinkers include Kenny Burns media host and BET Personality, not pleased at Diddy throwing drinks at them, they responded back at Diddy. Im not sure whether they were trying to squash things or whether they were upset. This excited Diddy even more, so he screams at Burns "F---ing f----t-ass light-skinned b---h-ass n---a. Get the f--k out of my face....F--k y'all n---as, n---a. And what?"

After that T.I. gets on the mic and says "I’m going to tell you like this: You will not f--k my hundred million up for nothing in this motherf---er. I don’t give a f--k what go on. I ain't with none of that f--k s--t. I will get the f--k on out this b---h and let y'all handle it. God damn it, I’ve done done enough time. Ain’t nobody else in this motherf--ker talking about fighting and God damn did their time. I ain’t trying to do it. Puff, you got too much money for that motherufking sh-t n---a. Let that n---a drink what the f–k they wanna drink, man f–-k that s--t. They ain’t getting money for drinking that s--t, they paid to drink that s--t... I love you, n---a, you know I'd go to war with you, but come on, man!" (Elegantly put)

The footage then ends but people are reporting gun fire at the event . SMH Diddy is entirely to old to be acting like this over a product (Ciroc) that he doesn't even own. Diddy only has an endorsement deal for Ciroc a lot of people dont realize this. Salute to T.I. for calming the whole thing down and welcome home. Sounds like to much Ciroc was flowing for Diddy.