If you missed the big news of the day Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagle's used the N word. It seems like racism is rearing its ugly head everywhere even in sports. Riley Cooper's use of the "N" word was intentional and it wasn't spoken in a positive or embracing nature.

He was quietly fined but a lot of people are calling for him to be suspended. I don't think anything should happen to him. Riley Cooper expressed his racist anger rant on camera, about fighting some "N" words. So What ?!?

In his profession he has to deal with black people on a peer to peer level. His black team mates and opponents are the only people, who he offended who have a direct impact on his life. Let them deal with it on a peer to peer level.

Who cares if Riley Cooper uses the N word all day ? If you fine Riley Cooper that will be the league standard, and then imagine how many black football players will be fined for using the N word.

What concerns me is how many black celebrities have run to his defense. People should take the time to worry about systematic racism (the prison system / financially challenged school system / job discrimination / unemployment) before we get all wound up about this week's random celebrity who wont even matter 5 years from now who decided to use the N word.

What Do You Think Should He Be Punished ?