Rihanna wants everyone to continue to stay outta her bidness, despite flashing said bidness for all the world to see. Case in point: The singer recently drew even more unneeded attention by proudly declaring herself a bad role model.

To prove it, she posted an image to her Instagram page that features a patterned photo of RiRi licking her middle finger with the words "Don't call me a bad role model then act surprised when I do some bad role model type sh−” poorly photoshopped over her face.

To summarize Rihanna's oh-so-eloquent turn of phrase, we (collectively) are not allowed to call her a bad role model and then get all up in arms when she turns out to in fact be a bad role model.

Which is especially ironic, because after all the half-naked Twitter photos and an obvious wake and bake habit, no one is really all that surprised by her antics. And any hope of her being a positive role model for other young girls has long since gone up in ... well, smoke.

Her on-again boyfriend Chris Brown recently made his Instagram account private. Can we start one of those White House petition things to get her to do the same?