I was able to hit up the Rick Ross Concert on 03/11/12 in Rochester. The show was Meek Mill, French Montana, Emilio Rojos, Wale and of course the biggest boss Rick Ross. The show was typical Maybach Music, everyone did a good job and the crowd was hype through out the whole show. Rick Ross said something that stuck to my mind more so than the lyrics about Maybachs, Money etc .... He said something about being "rich forever", when you think of rich forever and Rick Ross you automatically think money. That's not all he was talking about. Rick Ross is actually giving you the steps to being rich forever.

"Be Rich Forever with your loyalty to your family. Be Rich Forever with your thoughts" - Rick Ross

It all comes with the way you think. In the clip he explains what it is being "rich forever", either you get it or you don't. Rick Ross was dropping some serious insight on how to be successful and it probably went over most people heads. A lot of insight is given in rap music, it's just given in a negative way. If you took the same attitudes toward "hustling" given in rap songs and applied to every day things you would be successful. Not selling drugs, robbing and killing, but productive things. Watch the video and see if you have what it takes to be "rich forever", I only caught it halfway through his speech but like I said if you get it you get it.