The streets of the "D" are hungry! So when a gang of Detroit goons spotted Rick Ross' tour bus parked on the street, they figured they'd not only find something good to eat, but also take the millionaire boss hostage! Find out what happened when the gunmen broke into the lavish mobile home.  

Friday night, The Big Boss, Ricky Ross was hosting a listening party at Club Pandemonium in downtown Detroit. While the MMG crew introduced the city to the tracks off "God Forgives, I Don't", the tour bus was left unattended outside.

Obviously uninvited to the party, the goons expected Ross and his crew to be in the bus and planned to rob them and then take off with the 300-pound rapper and demand ransom. But when they found the bus empty, they decided to vandalize it and take thousands of dollars worth of stuff!

Funny enough, my Twitter timeline was buzzing with #NoFlyZone hashtag from several local Detroit rappers.  These same tweets were the first to "break the news" of the Ross Robbery! SMDH

Even in July, it's STILL Cold in the D!