Rick Ross the biggest boss in the business is THE BIG DUMMY OF THE NIGHT. Rick Ross made a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT today that he has signed ex B2k member Omarion. You may be thinking to your self why does this make Rick Ross a Big Dummy ? Well here is the reason why, all last week Rick Ross was on twitter telling everyone he had a huge announcement to make. This announcement would change the face of the music industry. He was even talking about this HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT in concert at UB this Sunday. He really had me interested in what was going to happen.

The way Rick Ross was talking about this announcement you really thought something big was about to happen. Rumors were going out around that Ma$e was coming back and signing to Maybach Music. People were saying he was announcing a movie deal. I thought maybe he was going on tour with Michael Jackson and Tupac's hologram the way he was promoting it. Then we fast forward to this afternoon where he announced Omarion was joining Maybach Music ............ Really thats the huge announcement Omarion hasn't been popping since 06 and most of the girls who grew up being Omarion fans moved on to other things in life. If you don't believe me ask Bow Wow what happened to all of his fans, his last album sold like 10 copies. Rick Ross got everybody all hyped up for something big but then he delivers Omarion. Rick Ross should have known better to hype up Omarion, like he was actually still relevant. He could've put up a tweet, Rick Ross the boy the cried Omarion is the latest victim of THE BIG DUMMY FILES.

Listen to the press conference HERE.